Most of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail is now open
under the terms of the Provincial Covid-19 ‘Reopening Ontario’ Guidelines (

Note that the trail passes through many different jurisdictions, each of which has the right and responsibility to control access appropriately.

Areas that remain closed are noted on the websites of the landowning agencies, and/or on the property itself.

Parks, conservation areas, municipalities and other landowners may make changes to the status of their land and facilities without prior notification. It is best to visit the websites or social media accounts of these organizations directly for the latest on closures or changes to access.

Where the trail is open, please hike locally and responsibly. Responsible hiking guidelines are available from the Bruce Trail Conservancy ( and the Ontario Trails Council (

Most onsite public facilities (including public washrooms) are closed even where trails are open. Through-hiking in closed areas is not possible and not permitted until further notice.

If sections of the trail are closed by the legal landowners or relevant jurisdictions, please do not park on nearby roads, move gates or barriers, or hop fences, as these actions are illegal.

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