Walk into history at dozens of historic points of interest…


The Laura Secord story is associated with many historic and present-day destinations in the Niagara Peninsula.

Each destination has its own interpretive webpage, including details about the ‘Secord Significance’ of the location.

Most destinations have audio narrations or other multimedia content that you can access in the field on your mobile device if you have a data plan, or at home on your computer or tablet.

You can also download the audio clips, load them onto the music player on your phone or onto a portable MP3 player, and listen to them whenever you like, without the need for a data plan.

Click here for a complete list of FLS destinations.


A great way to explore the area and learn a little history on the way is to follow one of our Friends of Laura Secord prepared tours.

We have arranged thematically-related destinations into a number of prepared tours for your enjoyment. Just click on the ‘Tours, Trails and Routes’ tab on the left side of the screen to see an ever-expanding list of these tours.

Some tours include off-road walking trails and optional sections that can add to your experience.

Click here for a list of Laura Secord Heritage Route tours.


Using the you can search for and choose destinations that interest you, and then combine them into your own custom tour. Every destination on the website has a green [My Trip] button on its listing or overview page, which can be used to add or remove the destination from your custom tour itinerary:

You can even add custom start and end points to your trip, like your home address or your hotel.

When you finish planning your route, the website will provide you with maps, turn by turn directions, and access to interpretive audio for the destinations you visit!

Click here for detailed instructions about how to use My Trip Planner.

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