Laura Secord Walk – 2019

in support of War Child Canada

The Laura Secord Walk 2019 took place on June 22nd, 2019, and raised $10,000 for War Child Canada! Thanks to all who participated, donated, and volunteered to make this event a resounding success!

“This is an appropriate way to honour Laura Secord’s legacy and bravery. This year, let’s follow in her footsteps to raise awareness and opportunities for women and children who are victims of war.”

– Valerie Pringle, FLS Honourary Chair / Ontario Chair, Trans Canada Trail Foundation Board

Each year in June, the Friends of Laura Secord host the Laura Secord Walk along the Laura Secord Legacy Trail from Queenston to Thorold. It’s an annual event that recreates her heroic 32 km journey to warn the British of an impending American invasion. Since its inception, thousands of people have walked all or part of the trail to commemorate her legacy.

This year, we plan to make Laura’s walk even more meaningful. The Laura Secord Walk 2019 will support War Child Canada in their efforts to help thousands of women and children in war-affected areas, through the generational impacts of education, training, and justice.

Why support War Child Canada?

Registration in the Laura Secord Walk 2019 is easy…

Click on the button below, and follow the instructions.
Here’s what you will do:

1. Enter your ID information

2. Follow the instructions to create a Personal Fundraising Page Your Personal Fundraising Page is where you and others contribute to your walk. You will get a link which you can share with your sponsors by email. Or, if you like, you can add a photo and share info about your walk on social media. You can also choose a Personal Fundraising Goal to help motivate your sponsors, and watch it grow with each contribution!

3. To participate in the walk, make a minimum donation of $30.00 to your OWN Personal Fundraising Page. Once you do this, you will be registered as a participant in the Laura Secord Walk 2019.
Registration in the 2019 Laura Secord Walk includes access to the Secord Shuttle (10:00 am – 5 pm), a participation badge, water, and light refreshments en route.

Get others to sponsor your walk!

Once you have set up your Personal Fundraising Page, others can sponsor you in your walk! You can simply share the supplied link by email – or if you like, you can add a photo and share info about your walk on social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, and others) through links on your Personal Fundraising Page.

Your Personal Fundraising Page is where your sponsors can make contributions of any amount to support War Child Canada. Contributions from your sponsors will be added towards your Personal Fundraising Goal.

All contributions are tax-receiptable.
Your sponsors will receive a 2019 tax receipt by email.

Want to support War Child Canada, but don’t want to walk?
Walk in Spirit!

If you would simply like to support War Child Canada without doing the walk, you can ‘Walk in Spirit’ from the comfort of your home. Just click on this button:

and contribute any amount. All proceeds received between April 15 and June 23, 2019 will be donated to WAR CHILD CANADA.

All contributions are gratefully received, and are tax-receiptable.

Further information:

Caroline McCormick
Tel. 289-241-8236

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