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The Friends of Laura Secord gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of the newspapers, media outlets, videographers and bloggers which have allowed us to share the following items pertaining to our events and activities.

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Monument proposed to Laura Secord and First Nations

St. Catharines Standard • 2013-05-13

May Source Stories:
Friends of Laura Secord Trillium Grant

The Source (TVCogeco) • 2013-05-03

Laura Secord Legacy Walk

2013-06-22 •  Fagan Media

Time Out with… David T. Brown
Interpreting the Laura Secord Legacy Trail

Brock News • 2013-11-05

A video greeting to participants in the Laura Secord Commemorative Walk from HRH Charles, the Prince of Wales

St. James’ Palace • 2013-06-21 (recorded 2013-06-07)

Laura Secord 3D Bust

CHCH-TV • 2013-06-24

Laura Secord 25 cent circulation coin

Royal Canadian Mint

YouTube Royal Canadian Mint Channel • 2013-06- 24

Laura Secord’s historic walk • 2013-06- 22

Big Footsteps: Walk Into History

The Source (TVCogeco) • 2013-06- 22

Laura Secord Bicentennial Walk
to the Bridge at Laura’s Crossing

YouTube – Gideon’s Garden (amateur video) • 2013-06-22

A Toast to Laura Secord 

The Source (TVCogeco) • 2013-06- 21

Secord Stamp and Coin 

The Source (TVCogeco) • 2013-06- 21

Laura Secord in 3D

The Source (TVCogeco) • 2013-06- 12

The Bridge at Laura’s Crossing is IN!! 

YouTube • 2013-05-09

Laura Secord’s Descendent

Toronto Star Video • 2013-05-01

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