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Watch the overview of the opening ceremony on October 7th, 2017
Video courtesy The Source /YourTV.

The opening of the First Nations Peace Monument marks a permanent change in the landscape of the Niagara Region, and a permanent shift in Canada’s relationship with First Nations Peoples.


About the First Nations Peace Monument

The First Nations Peace Monument in DeCew House Heritage Park, Thorold, Ontario, is a memorial designed by world-renowned architect and human rights activist Douglas Cardinal. Located near the site where Laura Secord encountered First Nations warriors who assisted her in conveying a warning to the colonial British forces of an impending American invasion, the monument is intended to generate a deeper understanding of the heritage and ongoing history of First Nations peoples, and to illuminate the founding role they played (and continue to play) in the ever-evolving North American cultural mosaic.

Laura Secord’s uneasy but extremely important interaction with First Nations warriors in her fateful encounter in Decew’s Field is powerfully symbolic of the deep roots and inherent complexity of relationships amongst indigenous peoples and more recent settlers of the North American continent. It is an invitation to understand and reflect upon the divisions that extend back to our earliest days, in a spirit of respect and reconciliation. 

The distinctive curvilinear design of this compelling architectural sculpture is consistent with Douglas Cardinal’s iconic designs elsewhere in North America, including the Canadian Museum of History in Hull, First Nations University in Regina, and the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

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Les Amies de Laura Secord sont fières d’annoncer un projet collaboratif avec l’architecte canadien renommé Douglas Cardinal


Why Celebrate
Laura Secord?

Historica Canada produced a brief but informative mini-documentary about Laura Secord as part of their iconic Heritage Minute series.

Watch for a one-minute overview of her importance in the founding of our nation.

News Updates

2017.10.17 New Peace Monument unveiled in Decew House Heritage Park – Elizabeth Martin, Brock Press
2017.10.09 Straightening out the ‘crooked good’
2017.10.08 Indigenous Monument Symbol of Ancient and Enduring Presence: Lt.-Gov. Dowdeswell
2017.10.08 First Nations Peace Monument a Hit!
2017.10.07 First Nations Peace Monument in Thorold
2017.10.01 ‘Stunning’ First Nations Peace Monument to be unveiled Oct. 7
25.09.2017 You’re invited to the unveiling of First Nations Peace Monument on Oct. 7th!
24.08.2017 Official groundbreaking for First Nations Peace Monument at Decew House Heritage Park
22.06.2017 204th Anniversary of Laura Secord’s famous walk!
23.06.2016 Mayor Darte declares Laura Secord Day 2016 in Queenston
13.09.2016 Laura Secord’s 241st Birthday!
08.09.2016 Queenston Post Office to celebrate Laura Secord’s birthday with cancellation mark
20.06.2016 Queenston Fair on Laura Secord Day
18.06.2016 Walking, talking for Laura Secord Day
08.06.2016 Village to be beehive of activity during Queenston Fair on Laura Secord Day
20.08.2015  FLS-sponsored Monument to pay homage to ‘pivotal’ role of First Nations
20.06.2015  June 20th, 2015 is Laura Secord Day!
13.09.2014  Google celebrates Laura Secord’s 239th birthday with Google Doodle graphic!!
21.06.2014  Laura Secord Day 2014 was a great success!
21.06.2013  H.R.H.Prince Charles sends greetings to the Friends of Laura Secord
01.05.2013  Laureen Harper joined in recreating the Laura Secord trek on its 200th anniversary
01.05.2013  Laura Secord’s historic walk immortalized in wilderness trail and opera
11.04.2013  Bridge will be in place for renowned War of 1812 trek
09.04.2013  Mapping the trek of Secord’s accomplishment
Valerie Pringle will walk into history to commemorate Laura Secord

The Friends of Laura Secord is a not-for-profit community group dedicated to sharing the story of our best known national heroine, Laura Ingersoll Secord, whose heroic exploits contributed to the creation of the nation we now know as Canada.
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