Early one morning, a little over 200 years ago, a young mother left her sleeping children and wounded husband, quietly walked out her door… and changed the course of Canadian history.

Laura Secord. What a remarkable story of courage, determination and perseverance – and what an excellent example of how one person, step by step, can make a difference. It’s an inspirational part of our heritage, and a lesson that is just as important today as it was during those times of strife. It’s difficult to believe that Canada was once a war-torn country, but that was the reality 200 years ago. Our fledgling nation was fighting for its life. But thanks to Laura Secord and other remarkable, often unsung heroes, Canada overcame its obstacles and became the strong and proud nation we know and appreciate today.

Since its inception in 2010, the Friends of Laura Secord has been working hard to recognize, celebrate, and commemorate our national heroine. A high point was the Laura Secord Bicentennial celebration on June 22nd, 2012 – the 200th anniversary of her epic journey into history. Perhaps you were among the thousands of people who took part in the events of that memorable weekend. The list of accomplishments in the past two years is impressive:


We were also proud participants in:

With the Secord Bicentennial behind us, hard work continues on many important new initiatives that will help to provide impressive and engaging ways to learn and appreciate Canadian history – as well as its relevance to the present day.

The Laura Secord Legacy Trail, the first ‘active and interactive’ trail in Canada, will combine exercise and education in a unique and enjoyable way – and using innovative digital technology, will help tell the stories of the pioneer women, First Nations peoples, African loyalists, French Canadians, and Eastern Canadians whose remarkable contributions were so key to the founding of our nation. Environmental and ecological aspects of the trail will be interpreted along the way, using both contemporary scientific and traditional First Nations perspectives.

We are also developing a unique First Nations Peace Monument on the edge of DeCew’s Field, in gratitude and acknowledgement of the First Nations allies whose encampment Laura Secord came upon late in her journey. Warriors escorted her the final distance to DeCew House where she delivered her fateful message to Lt. Fitzgibbon. The resulting victory by Aboriginal and British forces changed the course of Canadian history. In recognition of this historic alliance, a stone hearth, surrounded by rustic stone seating, will be constructed and installed by the Friends of Laura Secord to provide an opportunity for contemplation of the contribution of Aboriginal peoples in the defining of our nation. Building upon a First Nations tradition, visitors will be invited to leave a small stone from their own home territory on the stone hearth, commemorating in a tangible and ever-growing way, their appreciation for the historic and positive alliance between First Nations peoples and other Canadians.

An accessible pathway will provide those with limited mobility the opportunity to visit the Stone Hearth Monument and part of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail as well.
Please help us keep these innovative educational heritage programs going strong. With your generous support we can build upon the remarkable progress made by the Friends of Laura Secord over the past three years.

Laura Secord. She is more than a corporate icon. She is an engaging, enigmatic, compelling, and significant figure in the canon of Canadian history. His Royal Highness Charles, The Prince of Wales, eloquently summarized her efforts in the video message he provided for the Friends of Laura Secord:

“…She remains an iconic figure who, perhaps more than anyone, represents the quiet determination and exceptional resolve of ordinary citizens to preserve and protect the values central to Canadian society that we enjoy today. Without her efforts and those of hundreds of other unknown, unsung heroes, the Canada of today would be a very different place.”

(click here to view the entire video message from HRH Prince Charles)


We hope you will contribute to our efforts to perpetuate the legacy of Laura Secord as a metaphor for all those who helped define our nation, and help inspire the next generation to go the extra mile in making Canada an inclusive and affirming nation.

Please help support our efforts. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation now. We also hope you will share this message with your friends and family who you feel may want to be part of this historical important opportunity, to help the Friends of Laura Secord tell the story of Canada in an active and interactive way.

Your dollars will help to:

  • program the annual Laura Secord Commemorative Walk
  • produce digital content for our active and interactive educational trail
  • build and maintain the Stone Hearth Memorial
  • build an accessible trail to the Stone Hearth Memorial and the Laura Secord Legacy Trail
  • maintain safe trail conditions and proper signage along the Laura Secord Legacy Trail
  • facilitate recreation, health, and fitness activities
  • support the Extra Mile Award, an awards program for promising young women
  • plant and care for memorial trees – native species which enhance the trail landscape and commemorate those people who shared the FLS vision
  • train volunteers

Your generous support will help the Friends of Laura Secord keep her proud and inspiring legacy alive.

Thank you for your attention, inspiration, and ongoing support.

Please join us.
Walk into history with us, Canada!
Caroline McCormick
President, Friends of Laura Secord
Caroline McCormick is the thrice-great-granddaughter of Laura Secord.
The Friends of Laura Secord is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Laura Secord’s enduring legacy.


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