Distance: 4.43 km – Average Walking Time: 1.5 hrs.

From Rotary International Friendship Park, St. Catharines, follow the gravel path which extends southward from the parking lot towards the southern boundary of the park.

Descend the Rotary Pines South trail…

…into the valley of the Twelve Mile Creek. In late fall, winter, and early spring, you will have a good view of the DeCew Power Generating Station on the opposite (east) side of the creek.

Descend through the woods to the bottom of the Twelve Mile Creek valley…

…and emerge at the bottom of Tailrace Road, near the gate to the DeCew Power Generating Station.

Follow the fencline of the DeCew Power Generating Station into the woods.
Enter Short Hills Park and follow the old access roadbed that was used to build the first DeCew Power Generating Station in 1898.

Enter Short Hills Park and follow the old access roadbed along Twelve Mile Creek and over the hogsback to the Bridge at Laura’s Crossing. Cross the bridge into Laura’s Meadow.

Climb up the Niagara Escarpment out of the valley of The Twelve, first to the ‘Bench on the Bench’ and then to the Nose above Beaverdams Creek, to rejoin the Bruce Trail on the Escarpment Flatlands. The trail skirts DeCew’s Field, where Laura met native warriors who brought her to the end of her journey.

From the trail junction near Morningstar Mill, go up to the top of the Lake Moodie Reservoir pathway…

…and follow the Bruce Trail to Laura’s final destination at DeCew House Heritage Park, Thorold.

Congratulations on your successful completion of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail!

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