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Over the next few months, the Friends of Laura Secord and partners will be undertaking several major improvements to enhance landscaping, signage, accessibility, aesthetics, and education at the First Nations Peace Monument site at Decew House Heritage Park. Also on the agenda is the installation of the long-awaited centerpiece of Douglas Cardinal’s evocative architectural sculpture.

These improvements will entail some temporary disruptions at the site, including heavy equipment work, surface excavation, and restricted access to the car park and monument. Every effort will be made to minimize these disruptions, which will be announced on the City of Thorold website.

Because of its profound historical and cultural significance and its close proximity to the Brock District (including the new Canada Games Park), DeCew House Heritage Park will be a must-see destination for Canada Games visitors and participants. It will offer a rare opportunity to reflect upon these important Canadian stories which took place in Niagara, but were significant enough to echo across the continent.

DeCew House Heritage Park is located just minutes from the new Canada Games Park. It is home to at least two incredible national stories – a well known story where a courageous woman arrived in 1813 to warn the British forces of an impending American invasion, and an equally important but lesser known story, enabled by the creation of the First Nation Peace Monument at the site in 2017. Built to honour and acknowledge the significant contributions of First Nations people in the building of Canada, it also offers a forward-looking testament to hope, justice, peace, and reconciliation with Indigenous people today.

Heritage Trail Loop

As a concurrent and related Canada Games legacy initiative for all partners involved, we have proposed the establishment of an Indigenous-focused Heritage Trail Loop which connects DeCew House Heritage Park to Canada Games Park, Brock University, Thorold City Hall, Niagara Region International Plaza, and other related points of interest in the area. The 8.6 km long loop will allow for convenient pedestrian, cycling, hiking, and handicapped access amongst the sites.

These combined projects – the site improvements and the heritage trail – will result in a greatly enhanced accessible tourism destination which memorializes events of national and international significance, provides important educational opportunities, and connects a constellation of recreational and heritage tourism assets, before, during, and after the Canada Games.

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Why Celebrate
Laura Secord?

Historica Canada produced a brief but informative mini-documentary about Laura Secord as part of their iconic Heritage Minute series.

Watch for a one-minute overview of her importance in the founding of our nation.

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The Friends of Laura Secord is a not-for-profit community group dedicated to sharing the story of our best known national heroine, Laura Ingersoll Secord, whose heroic exploits contributed to the creation of the nation we now know as Canada.
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