The full Laura Secord Commemorative Walk is 32 km long, but that doesn't mean you have to walk the entire length! The Walk is divided into 5 stages with 6 waypoints. Secord Shuttle buses are available to give you a ride and shorten the time commitment. The walk is designed so that everyone can participate.

You decide how you'd like to take part. Walk the full 32 km. Walk shorter trail segments and take a connecting ride on a Secord Shuttle. Or walk a single stage and linger at a waystation. If you would rather not walk, or if you are mobility challenged, you might prefer to register for 'Walk and Roll" at the Outlet Collection at Niagara Mall. If you can't make it to Niagara, you can walk the walk in your own community, or at another location of your choice - or simply join us in spirit, contemplating Laura's exploits from the comfort of home.