Secord In Song: The Brothers In Law


Secord's Walking Blues (1967)

Centennial year in Canada - 1967 - marked a spate of commemorative projects and activities in all sectors, and musical comedy was no exception. A trio of irreverent musical police officers from the Windsor area - Larry Rheaume, Alec Somerville, and Bob Lee - produced a Centennial record album called 'Expose 67', which took aim at a whole range of Canadian icons and sacred cows - including the apocryphal one that never actually accompanied our heroine Laura Secord.

This absurd portrayal has the redoubtable Mrs. Secord traipsing all over southern Ontario in a pair of squeaky boots, ostensibly to warn Major General Sir Isaac Brock about the impending American attack. The fact that Brock had been dead for eight months when Laura made her famous trek didn't faze these fellows one bit, nor did the fact that she started in Queenston, not Toronto (which didn't even exist then; that city was known as 'York' until 1825). And she never walked through Fort Erie, Hamilton or Stoney Creek either.

But why let historical accuracy get in the way of a bit of musical fun?